3 years, 7 months ago

I get a whole host of questions, regarding my favourite jailbreak tweaks. Now, being someone who downloads basically every tweak available and tests each one extensively, I don’t tend to keep them on my device for long. In fact, I remove them as soon as I’ve reviewed them – unless they’re excellent.

These are my pick of the ‘Top 5 Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 5 of 2012!’ now, this is just my opinion, you may disagree or agree. However, if you haven’t heard of a tweak in this video, you should go and download it.

  • WifiRob

    Why do you choose Open Back rather than PkgBackup?

    • drvarunagarwal

       @WifiRob Even I agree. PKGBackup is much superior and the support is prompt and excellent. One can backup not only cydia but appstore apps as well. Even springboard layout is backed up so one can come back to exactly the same state after restore. Backups can be scheduled too. Dropybox and sugarsync support. And lots of customizable features too.

  • jaizaries

    it’s awesome

  • http://bloggersezine.com/ MuhammadShahid

    ofcourse excellent collection and choice from you

  • AzadKh

    what’s the source for NBsettings ?

  • http://Minanabilnokia@yahoo.com Minanabil