2 years, 2 months ago

One of the more curious features to be unveiled with the announcement of Apple’s newest handset, the iPhone 5s, was the addition of a biometric fingerprint scanner. This scanner allows the user to not only unlock your iPhone 5s, but also authorise purchases on iTunes, and downloads on the App Store. The latter feature is particularly useful I’ve found. We’ve put together a video walkthrough and demo of the new Touch ID feature, and it can be found below:

From my basic testing with the Touch ID feature, it seems that this could be both a hindrance and a help. The overall functionality is definitely there, it’s a speedy process and as long as the set up is done correctly it should be accurate, however there are just times when a passcode is almost faster. I really see this coming into use to authorise things, more than bypass the passcode lock.

  • sam

    Where is the video demo of the fingerprint scanner? This title is rather misleading

    • andrew garrison

      its at the bottom.. its a youtube vid

    • flashpoint

      OP must be joking right?

  • faego

    Can I still press the home button? or It’s touch only

    • Sefa Şentürk

      ofcourse you can

  • skinny pete

    just scan all fingers of one hand? are you daft?

  • Ty

    Sucks for any one who wants to use a full otter box that covers the home button they won’t be able to use this feature