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Recently, many  news websites jumped at the fact that Winocm tweeted out that he has a binary that untethered 6.1.3 despite the limitations it has to offer. For beningers the potential hack, which is not yet available, will only work for A4 devices and he stated that the iPhone 4 is the only one that barely works. This is also not an exploit that can be stored or used on iOS 7 so there is no potential advance in a jailbreak for the future.

He later tweeted out that he regretted saying anything, probably do to the fact that people are not understanding the limited potential of what he has to offer. If anything noteworthy does come from it, we will be sure to make a post here on JBN.

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  • Khalid

    Who cares about jailbreaking, ios7 is on the way

    • mosemister

      ios 7 will have its own jailbreak, im still going to jailbreak simply because of activator.
      + more tweaks, perks, what ever your wanting to call them, they will be on ios 7 and hell of a lot more.
      so its modify, modify, and more modify.

      lastly, people who have the ipod touch 4th gen or the iphone 3gs will not have ios 7

      • thatguy


        • mosemister

          what you confused about?

    • Stiff Meister :DDD

      First of all, not ALL people like IOS 7, I like it but not ALL… So they would stay on 6.1.3/4 for the things they like about 6.1.3/4.
      If you are referring to IOS 7 like its already got some tweaks, even though there are tweaks in IOS 7 similar or same as jailbroken tweaks, people have other uses. Mainly popular apps and programs like iFile etc.
      I can’t wait to see the upcoming jailbreaks and all the new shit thats gonna come out! :D

    • yabadap

      Does the 4th gen devices has the option to not update to ios7? ios7 lags a lot and slow on A4 devices

      • yabadap


        • Me

          iPod 4th gen devices, iPhone 4s (don’t know about 4). They will update, but they wont lag if you manage your device properly, get me?

  • nekron

    because this exploit is not supported with ios 7, will this mean that it will be released (if its working) before the ios 7 jailbreak.

    if some of you lot recall, their was a untethered jailbreak for ios 6.1.3 for all devices in development ages ago but it was never released due to people wanting the exploit not to be wasted.

    • odedo1

      6.1.4 was already jail broken they are now checking to see if any of the exploits will work on iOS 7 and if not then and only then we’ll get the jailbreak.

  • Denis Bobovnik

    After this post, i want an iphone 4 again, cuz its just eligible to jailbreak on any f*cking ios !!!

  • Christopher Butera

    i wish i never changed from 5.1.1 i cant even go back to it from 6.1.3 real bummer

  • Shannan Lim

    They already released 6.1.4/6.1.3 untethered….
    just view their site – www•evasi0njb•net
    Works on my iPhone 5

    • mosemister

      i wish people would stop putting obvious virus on the web, if your going to advertise a virus do it well.

      everyone who wants to jailbreak will know that evasi0n only works for 6.0-6.1.2 and the web site is www*evasi0n*net
      ps. the stars are meant to be .

  • Owen Toney

    They already released 6.1.4/6.1.3 untethered….
    just view their site – w w w•e v a s i 0 n j b•n e t
    Works on my iPhone 5

    • duuhhh

      spam….. fuck you….

  • Horácio Mendonça

    why they still working on 6.1.3 and not in 6.1.4?? =/

  • Minga1005

    UnthreadedJB already did this… You’re a little behind

  • ducks

    wow owen theres a survey

  • $wayzee

    Need a couple more tweaks for 6.1.4 Untethered jailbreak and we should all be set (: