2 years, 8 months ago

Whilst we might not want to accept that Google is yards ahead of Apple in a mobile-related aspect, you have to admit that Google Now is impressive. So impressive in fact, that it has destroyed Siri frequently when they’ve been put head to head in comparisons. With this in mind, wouldn’t it be great if iPhone users could get a piece of the GNow action? We may be able to soon.

A new video has leaked onto YouTube, which was promptly removed, which showed just this. Fortunately, Engadget managed to snag the video before it was taken down, and I must say, it looks rather impressive. Just the standard of video that Google could, and would, produce for a release like this. If it’s a hoax – it’s most certainly a good one.

What do you think? Are you of the opinion that the search conglomerate will keep Google Now specifically for Android, or is it only  a matter of time before they roll it out to other platforms? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

  • http://twitter.com/jmb427 A$AP Jimmy

    It’s been out for a while wtf

  • http://twitter.com/onadinz LeE

    so this Siri now of iOS is just a useless feat?

  • Ben Szentpaly

    I think apple is going to have an assistant update with the iphone 5S its going to be completely different and destroy google now. I cant wait for IOS 7!!!!!

  • Mac

    Apple has a great system and if they learn to work good with other companies in the USA! They sure would burn Samsung to death. Only time will tell ?

  • Papasin

    Apple is going down! Lol. They want to do everything them selfs. That’s Apples down fall. Work with other company’s, it won’t kill you, it’ll make Apple better! Why do you think millions of JB have been done? Because ios alone isn’t enough to keep people happy. Go ahead, say I’m wrong!