2 years, 10 months ago

I get lots of questions every day about how I feel about the iOS operating system. The prime ones amongst them tend to be things like whether I’m “bored with iOS”, or whether I’ll be switching to Android. So I thought I’d put together this little video highlighting what I think Apple needs to do with the next iteration of their mobile operating system. There’s no doubt about it, people are getting bored:

I’m very interested to hear your thoughts on this topic. After all, jailbreaking is all about customisation, so even if Apple add features such as widgets and toggles, will you still use tweaks like Auxo and Barrel? Definitely be sure to let me know your opinions in the comments.

  • deki

    I will only abandon jailbreaking when Apple allows devs to publish apps like barrel, intellisreenX etc. into appstore!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sdkboy1028 Bill Casttle

    It might be a little borring not having all this tweaks on stock iOS but in reallity thats what makes IOS smooth not like android that has all this kool stuff but it lags so much! Jailbraking to add a tweak or two is fine rather than adding bunch of stuff and make your idevice slow!

    • Mathieu Paquin

      You clearly never used a device with Android 4.2, Jelly Bean has removed all the lag issues. Try a Nexus 4 before telling false information.

      • donicello

        Lick my butt-hole Mathieu. Android’s are blue screened, unrefined, laggy, and cluttered. A jailbroken iDevice is miles ahead of droid. Why else would all you Droiders keep watching a commenting on apple product videos. Go play a game on your android and leave this post alone. Have a nice day.

        • Ahmad sharif

          What mathieu said … Try a Nexus 4 then come and talk … I own a Galaxy Nexus , medium hardware , Android 4.2.2 , and its totally amazing , barely lags , and if it lags its because I got about 200+ apps and about 30+ running in background … iPhones allows about 1 app to run “seriously” in background , plus it doesn’t allow an app to start at boot , which is miserable , especially for facebook , whatsapp , twitter and these stuff … These apps are programmed on android to start at boot , incase you didn’t open any , it just runs in background !

          Again , try a Nexus 4 , or any (even low-end) Android 4.1+ phone , then come speak …

  • Aser

    If Apple gives the option for certain tweaks like Barrel and Auxo in their Settings app, I would probably abandon jailbreaking. They just need to refine the tweaks a bit and integrate it into iOS.

  • Joe

    Who is this little kid?

  • Cleo Pugh

    They Just Released Evasi0n for 6.1 Untethered

    Works for all iDevices including iPhone 5

    Go to Their Site And See WWW.EVASI0NJB.NET

  • tallta3

    am with you 100% they really need to change most likely everything to just talk about…. thanks for the video I hope they listen to it…

  • noname

    dual sim card