2 years, 3 months ago

I’m a massive geek. Everybody here knows it, it’s my job to write create videos regarding technology and I absolutely love it. As such, I manage to collect a large amount of applications which either help amuse me through my day, or actually serve a functional purpose. In the ‘What’s on my iPhone’ series, I’ll be highlighting a few apps, jailbreak tweaks or themes that I’ve recently downloaded and have been enjoying.

All of the applications I listed during this video can simply be found on the Apple app store. All of them were free to download if my mind remembers correctly.

As for the two jailbreak themes I mentioned, more information can be found on TooSimple here, and on Typo5 here.

So, what’s on your iPhone?

  • Ignotus

    Red iPhone <3

    • Tom Richardson

      Me too <3

  • Andrew

    what company did you use to change the color of the iPhone? it looks really good.

  • cmar22

    Anybody know of any iPhone 5 cases that look just like the iPhone 5 body?

  • ana.t

    how is his iphone red??

  • RanTa Yan

    I dont see any facebook link :(

    • Guest

      Check the video description on YouTube!

      • RanTa Yan

        Good lookin out, bro!

  • Mehmet Ali

    Good Color For iPhone 5

    • Tom Richardson

      Search JBN or my YouTube channel for “MendMyi”.

  • ejail

    Hi! Cool tweaks ;)

  • ejail

    Greatest info rom evad3rs!

    JB iOS 6.1.3 / 6.1.4

    • ejail