2 years, 8 months ago

As a few of you know, at the end of January I finally managed to purchase a Nexus 4 smartphone from Google. Of course, writing for JailbreakNation and being a huge fan of Apple’s products, I could never ditch my iPhone permanently. It just sat on my desk for a few weeks. For a certain period of time, I was absolutely loving the Nexus 4. I loved the 4.7″ screen, and I couldn’t get enough of being able to totally customise the OS to my liking. Until I realised, I can do that already on a jailbroken iPhone. A jailbreak relieves the pitfalls that stock iOS has, and I’ve gone back to my iPhone 5. A collection of my full reasons can be found in the video below:

I just couldn’t leave my iPhone for any longer. I completely take for granted the huge selection of fantastic apps, and incredible user interface and experience that iOS offers up. Maybe a different mobile operating system will tempt me in the future, for now, I’m back on black and slate.

  • Dex

    There are tons off android powered phones out there with different models, but apple is the only iPhone which competes all the phones

  • danklvr

    i like turtles…

  • dubplay

    Left my iPod 5G for ever.Bought myself a HTC ONE X+.I love it. Never getting back.

  • canadabikeguy

    Wonderfully complete analysis of the two phones and their relative merits. Would be interested if you could better articulate what you mean by ‘blocky’. You mentioned it while Evernote was on both screens, and I did notice that it has more square shapes on the Android version compared to the Apple version. So, am I to take it that you have some deep emotional problems with squares and prefer rectangles? Hence you prefer the iPhone because it is less ‘blocky’.

    Just out of curiosity, have you considered going into other fields where less technical knowledge is required? I’m thinking perhaps interior design.

  • http://twitter.com/danielito99 Daniel Pereira

    Men, you back to iphone 5, i back to iphone 4s for the same reason.
    Thanks !!!

  • android user

    you my friend are an idiot.
    You’re hating on the apps more than the phone itself.

  • http://twitter.com/kaitainjones Kaitain Jones

    I love the range and quality of apps on iOS, but iOS is SO damned clunky to use compared with Android for everyday tasks. I just can’t abide using it.