3 years ago

Earlier today, Apple finally saw fit to approve the latest batch of Google updates into the iOS app store. Among some notable releases such as gmail, the new YouTube application was unveiled for the iPad – as well as full optimisation for the iPhone 5’s 4″ display. No more dealing with letterboxing! The new apps perform really well, and the iPad version in particular is the best YouTube experience I’ve had on a tablet. I put together a video walkthrough of the app, and you can find that here:

If you already have the iPhone YouTube app installed on your iPhone 5, you should just be able to head over and update it from the App Store. Otherwise you may have to wait until it starts to appear on the search results. Nevertheless, it’s great to finally have dedicated YouTube applications for the whole of Apple’s iOS line. The lack of iPad app was rather taking a toll on me, especially since YouTube is such a central part of my life. I can only take so much of m.youtube.com! Have you downloaded these apps yet? If so, what are your first impression?

  • iPhone69

    Been waiting for them to update this.

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  • http://twitter.com/xToxicTacox Liam kelly

    Can you compare and contrast the YouTube official app and the Jasmine custom client? It is worthy to note that Jasmine had iPhone 5 screen support and iPad support much earlier and I believe even has more features and an arguably nicer UI.